We’ve talked other times, here on VGLeaks, about the Virtual Reality Gaming Headset for PS4 that Sony is getting ready to launch.

Sony has decided to postpone the public presentation of this device several times, but an inside source has told TechRadar that they’ve spent some time with the helmet behind closed doors, and it’s almost ready to be revealed.

According to the source, Sony’s VR headset is really impressive:

The quality and resolution are really, really good.

People will definitely be impressed with what Sony’s built.

The source also states that Sony plans to announce the headset at GDC 2014, which kicks off in San Francisco on March 17.

hmz t2 600x361 Rumor: Sony will finally reveal PlayStation 4 Virtual Reality Headset at GDC 2014 (March) | VGLeaks 2.0

Other rumors are pointing to some VR games presented by Sony at E3 2014, which makes sense if the hardware is first revealed next month.

Initially, it seems that Sony pretended to unveil the headset at Tokyo Game Show, but finally the company decided to take more time to improve the hardware, the source states:

Sony has deliberately taken its time to tweak and polish the headset before revealing it

TechRadar approached Sony regarding this story, but it refused to comment.

Source | TechRadar