Nintendo presented software in their digital event one week ago, even Miyamoto unveiled a new Starfox for Wii U. In some way Nintendo fans should have curb their stomachs with those upcoming titles.

If you are chewing your nails waiting for those products, you should know that Nintendo could still have three unannounced exclusives titles for Wii U. These pieces of software should be exposed through Nintendo Direct presentations.

This rumor came directly from the same source that guessed the Devil’s Third exclusive on Wii U. The whistleblower would have stated the following in relation with this matter:

“The guy that teased/leaked Devil’s Third being a WiiU exclusive said in a gameblog E3 reaction video that he knew back then that there were 3 similar exclusives (not necessarily violent, but originally multiplat/not exclusive) that were going to be announced this year.”

Games are always welcome.

Thanks, MyNintendoNews.