Crazy world this one, we haven’t played The Last of Us yet and Sony has already registered domains for The Last of Us 2 & 3. Do you know what it means? The Last of Us could finish with a cliffhanger…

VG24/7, the 7-Eleven videogame website, wrote that Sony has registered the following domains:,,,, and

SCEA had registered these domains, so, The Order 1886 is being developed in the States (most likely). Like we wrote some days ago, maybe this is a game related with the strange background pictures that we could see in The Last of US dev diary. Besides, this game has also been trademarked in Netherlands, Guerrilla’s house.

Focus on this info and play with all the possibilities that we have in front of us. One point is clear, if The Last of Us is successful, we will have sequels.

Thanks, VG24/7.