Video games have keeping their popularity for numerous ages. A lot of people prefer spending their free time with this activity. And we strongly believe that there is no wonder about this fact.

The last years have brought amazing technological strides. They made it possible to create stunning video games that are really forms of art. So, we decided to show you the top four video games that will definitely surprise you with their gameplay, graphics, designs, and more.

The Walking Dead

Probably, thousands of people have heard about the walking dead. Some of them know this title as a famous series with a bloodcurdling plot, and some of them are fans of a great video game.

This head-spinning game is an episodic adventure about the main hero who tries to prevent the zombie apocalypse. In addition, he should care about a young lady and reunite her with her family.

Moreover, this brilliant video game has narrative storytelling like television has. But at the same time, it allows players to be involved in numerous interactions and get a full package of bright emotions similar to those that you can get from online casino Rickycasino.

Senua’s Sacrifice

This video game is famous thanks to its set in the period of Vikings with a strong warrior in the centre of its gameplay. It is one of Booming games that have an episode of a love story: the main hero Senua tries to find the soul of her lover in the world of Hellheim.

One of the main peculiarities of this video game is an opportunity to follow all the changes that occur due to the mental health of the main hero. It is possible thanks to the way she makes choices and has to endure all the steps she should go through. Senua’s Sacrifice is an involving, challenging, and vivid game that you should surely try.

The Last of Us

This video game is another story that tells players about the apocalypse. There you can see a man and woman who face loss, sacrifice, and a lot of difficult decisions.

The video game allows players to see the brutal and horrifying world in the moment of the apocalypse. It is possible thanks to amazing gameplay that conveys all the details of such a world via unbelievable visual effects.

This game inspires a lot of creators to make something similar to it. Moreover, we can watch a breathtaking series “The Last of Us” that keeps leading a position among modern movies nowadays.

Silent Hill 2

It is a pretty old but still head-spinning video game. It combines perfect gameplay, unique design and visual effects, accurate music, and great storytelling.

This game is full of mystery. There is a thick fog in the city so it becomes difficult to recognize what is going on around you. We want to warn you. The story of this game can be too heavy. Probably, thanks to this special feature Silent Hill 2 is still among the masterpiece video games ever.