Rumor: Amazon France also lists GTA V for PC. Zavvi gives a release date.

Some weeks ago Amazon Germany listed Grand Theft Auto V for PC. Now is the turn for Amazon France.

Amazon is quietly listing GTA V for PC in many countries, in this case France, while Rockstar remains silent. Too silent.


Zavvi also lists the game, but they give us more info: a release date. Of course it may be just a place holder, please keep this in mind. The company shows December 6 as the release date of GTA V for PC.


Personally, I do need a confirmation about all of this issue. We have talked at length about this. We’ve seen evidences of those versions even in the source code of the game, so I assume nobody will be surprised if finally Rockstar confirms this, but please, Rockstar, say something.

By the way, Zavvi lists GTA V PC for a December release, so… do you think possible to see GTA V for PS4 and Xbox One this Holidays?